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Spring Sports Adidas Athlete-Parents Stores

Spring Sports Adidas Athlete-Parents Stores

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – The Student and Parent stores are up for the following sports: swimming, softball and lacrosse with diving and track and field scheduled to be posted soon. Note the tight deadlines. No exceptions can be made for post-deadline orders.

Softball Athlete Apparel –  Deadline: Sunday, Feb. 16


Softball Parent Apparel –  Deadline: Sunday, Feb. 16

https:// stfrancissoftballparents2020.

Swimming Athlete Apparel –  Deadline: Sunday, Feb. 16  

Swimming Parent Apparel –  Deadline: Sunday, Feb. 16  

Lacrosse Athlete Apparel –  Deadline: Sunday, Feb. 23 - Short Purchase Required

Lacrosse Parent Apparel –  Deadline: Sunday, Feb. 23

Track and Field Athlete Apparel - Deadline: Sunday, Feb. 23

https:// stfrancishstrackandfield2020.  

Track and Field Parent Apparel - Deadline: Sunday, Feb. 23